Why in My Classroom?


In 1981, as a college student, I biked across the United States prior to becoming a teacher.  I shared stories of this trip with countless students over the years from elementary to high school age.  Many times I was encouraged to “write the book” but I had no time to do so until I retired in 2011.  “Tailwinds Across America” was published in 2013.

In 2013 I began writing “Beans and Lolo’s Big Bike Ride.”  Several elementary teachers who read the earliest drafts of my Beans and Lolo picture book encouraged me to make this book available to elementary schools for use in the classroom.  They indicated that Geography has been pushed out of the curriculum at the K-4 level and there was a real need for it to be there at some introduction level for our youngest students.  Over the next year I was shocked at how often this need was repeated by elementary teachers from many school districts small to large.  Realizing the opportunity to provide a tool to address this need, I officially engaged the input of two different elementary educator focus groups in two different school districts to critique, edit and provide input as Beans and Lolo moved forward.  In May, 2015, Beans and Lolo’s Big Bike Ride was published.